Press Accreditation

    We inform you that press accreditation is reserved exclusively for the purpose of journalistic correspondence, reportage and storytelling. The organization of the Merano WineFestival 2022 has established the access criteria for receiving accreditation for the event reserved for professional journalists, advertising journalists, freelancers, wine & food bloggers and collaborators of newspapers.


    Requests not in compliance with the above cannot be accepted. The press office reserves the right to decide who to issue the press accreditation to. If the accreditation has been successful, you will receive a confirmation email at the latest on October 30th at the latest.

    For security reasons, on-site accreditation is not possible this year.

    Requesting accreditation for the following events/days:
    4th of November The Official Selection5th of November The Official Selection6th of November The Official Selection7th of November The Official Selection8th of November Catwalk Champagne

    If it is your first accreditation request and you have never written for the Merano WineFestival before, please fill out the accreditation request anyways and write an email to communication(at)