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Merano WineFestival 2023

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How to reach us





Fuori Salone

Fuori Salone

How to reach us

By Car

  • From the south • highway exit: Bolzano south (junction for the Bolzano-Merano expressway) • Brenner Motorway A22
  • From the west • through the Resia Pass, SS 40 • through the Stelvio Pass, SS 38 • through the Monte Croce Pass (entrance to the Pusteria Valley, SS 49) • through the Landro Valley (entrance to the Pusteria Valley, SS 49)

By Train

Merano Central Station: 1 km from the Kurhaus. Travel time • by taxi: 4min • on foot: 15min

By Air

  • Bolzano Airport 30km
  • Innsbruck Airport 150km
  • Verona Airport 180km
  • Milan Linate Airport 300km
  • Munich Airport 350km
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Filipinum ***
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Hotel Adria *****
Hotel Aurora ****
Hotel Gruberhof ***
Hotel Juliane ****
Hotel Kolping Meran ***
Hotel Meranerhof ****S
Hotel Westend ***
Residence Rösch ***
Prinz Rudolf Smarthotel ***
Hotel Mignon *****
Tannerhof ***
Zeacurtis ****
Residence Villa Helvetia Superior
La Maiena Meran Resort ****S
SomVita Suites ****
Hotel Golserhof ****S
FAYN Garden Retreat Hotel ****
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Kurhaus of Merano Image


Kurhaus di Merano, 37 Corso Liberta, Merano

The Kurhaus, an Art Nouveau masterpiece built by Josef Czerny, serves as the primary venue for the Merano WineFestival. Overlooking the famous Merano promenade, Lungo Passirio, its crowning Three Graces have become an emblem of the festival.

Kursaal: The Main Hall

The Kursaal, characterized by its expansive glass features, stands as the central heart of the Kurhaus. Its large doors provide direct access to the southern terrace and the promenade.

Pavillon des Fleurs

This mirrored hall, adorned with gold accents and neoclassical stucco work, offers direct access to the terrace overlooking the promenade.

Sala Ohmann

Named after the architect Friedrich Ohmann, this room is located in the eastern wing, adjacent to the Pavillon Des Fleurs, and provides an elegant atmosphere.

Sala Czerny and Sala Lentner

Located on the first floor, these rooms are perfect for smaller receptions and conferences.

The Rotonda

The luxurious foyer of the Kurhaus, with its grand staircases and refined decorations, leads out to the promenade.

The Terrace

Stretching southward, the terraces of the Kursaal and Pavillon des Fleurs offer panoramic views of the Merano promenade.

History of the Kurhaus

Established in the 19th century as a healing and entertainment destination for European nobility, the Kurhaus has evolved as a cultural and tourism hub in Merano.

GourmetArena Merano WineFestival Image


Tent Structure, Passeggiata Lungopassirio
Welcome to GourmetArena, Merano's epicurean heart and the prime rendezvous for gastronomy aficionados. Conveniently positioned behind the iconic Kurhaus and extending onto the Passeggiata Lungo Passirio, this expansive tented structure beautifully merges history with contemporary culinary arts.

Decades of Gastronomic Excellence

For over two decades, the GourmetArena has graced the historic Promenade, offering an expansive 1,500 m² platform that proudly showcases The Official Culinaria Selection, an embodiment of exquisite offerings from Culinaria, Beerpassion, and Aquavitae. The setting is adorned in rich green hues and decorated with natural flora, reflecting its dedication to fresh, high-quality produce.

Segments to Explore

Apart from tantalizing Food Spirits Beer – The WineHunter Selection, GourmetArena houses distinct areas like the Territorium & Consortium. Special mentions include Territorium Abruzzo and Territorium Campania, each offering a deep dive into their regional specialties. It's not just about food and beverages; the Extrawine segment curates a space for companies providing invaluable equipment and support for the culinary world. Moreover, our Media zone is dedicated to our partners, offering a range of specialized publications on the gastronomic universe.

Showcookings & Demonstrations

Nestled amidst this gastronomic wonderland are the 'territorium' areas, where all the magic of live showcookings unfolds. As you relish the exhibits, anticipate engaging culinary demonstrations that promise to enthrall. Whether entering from the outdoors or directly from the majestic Kurhaus, visitors to GourmetArena are promised an experience that's unparalleled in richness and diversity, all against the serene backdrop of the Passeggiata Lungo Passirio.
Hotel Terme Merano Image

Hotel Terme Merano

Hotel Terme Merano, Piazza Terme 1, Merano
The Hotel Terme Merano, located just a few meters from the Kurhaus of Merano and the historical city center, plays a central role during the Merano WineFestival as the venue for all the WineHunter Masterclasses.

WineHunter Buyers Club

Right after the entrance, one cannot miss the Palm Lounge, the main space for book presentations and for the events of the WineHunter Buyers Club during the festival.

Ultimate Relaxation

Three unique wellness areas provide an unparalleled spa experience. The spectacular Sky Spa, located above the city's rooftops, the Garden Spa with pools and a spacious garden, and the thermal baths of the Hotel Terme Merano, connected to the hotel via an underground tunnel. The Sky Spa offers exceptional wellness facilities and a 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding alpine landscape, where the blue of the sky blends perfectly with the blue of the pool.

The Essence of Merano

Beyond the events of the Merano WineFestival, the Hotel Terme remains a place of comfort and relaxation, where guests can immerse themselves in an atmosphere of luxury and elegance.
Teatro Puccini Image

Teatro Puccini

Teatro Puccini, Piazza Teatro 2, Merano
Hosting the "Breath and cry of the Earth" Summit, the renowned Teatro Puccini stands as an architectural jewel in Merano. Nestled conveniently between Corso Libertà and Ponte Teatro, it's a short walk from the Kurhaus. Over the years, this theatre has been the chosen venue for the symposia of Merano WineFestival.

Architectural Splendor

Distinguished by its stuccoed ceiling adorned with golden ornaments, this theatre offers an ambiance of unmatched grandeur. Whether it's opera, theatrical performances, or symposia, the salmon-colored armchairs, accommodating 296 attendees, and the elegant red and gold curtain set the tone for an unforgettable experience. During intervals, attendees often gather in the foyer or on the terrace, savoring the venue's timeless elegance. Indeed, its charm aptly mirrors the sentiment: "excellence is an attitude!"

A Glimpse into History

The theater's history traces back to 1870, during Merano's architectural renaissance. The celebrated architect from Munich, Martin Dülfer, was commissioned for its design. Since its inauguration on December 1st, 1900, it has attracted global artists, notably Giacomo Puccini, the theater's namesake. Over the decades, it's been a beacon for opera, cinema, and theatre lovers. A fire in the 1960s nearly stole its glory, but a grand reopening in 1978 marked its triumphant return. Today, after meticulous restorations and a century of hosting events, the Teatro Puccini, in synergy with the Kurhaus, stands as one of South Tyrol's most sought-after event locations. For the summit attendees, this venue promises not just insights into global issues, but also a brush with architectural magnificence and historical richness.

Fuori Salone

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