Main Technical Partner

Surgiva, one of the lightest mineral waters in Italy, flows into the heart of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park. Thanks to its very low fixed residue, it is a minimally mineralized water with a neutral taste. For this reason, it has been chosen as official water by the Italian Sommelier Association. In its three versions, Natural, Sparkling and Mossy, Surgiva has conquered an audience of competent consumers, becoming quickly synonymous of refined and exclusive mineral water.
IP Spa was born as a company specialized in refrigerated cellars for the conservation of wine. The new IP SUPERIOR project was developed from our passion and desire to implement increasingly advanced solutions from the point of view of design, functionality and above all reliability. The cellars of the IPS division, designed and built in Italy, evolve the now consolidated IP experience towards essentiality, lightness, purity of forms and elegance of materials.
Winterhalter is a specialist in professional washing systems. Leading company in the washing’s world, Winterhalter has many years of experience in the catering sector. It stands for top quality, unrivalled cleanliness and hygiene, high reliability in the washing process and customer service. For this reason, we work every day to keep up our high-quality standards and solutions suitable for every need.