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  • bio&dynamica (03.11)
  • The Festival (04/5/6.11)
  • Catwalk Champagne (07.11)
BIO&DYNAMICA - November 3rd
Dive into the world of sustainable wine with Bio&Dynamica. An exclusive journey through organic and biodynamic wines, celebrating purity and nature in every drop. Don't miss out on the chance to discover and taste wine excellence in a respectful and sustainable setting. Purchase your ticket now!

Standard Ticket - includes event catalog - glass on deposit €10,00
1 day €65,00 + 4,00 presale fee
Base Tickets for "The Festival" on Saturday, November 4th are almost sold out!️
THE FESTIVAL – November 4th/5th/6th
Experience the heart of winemaking at The Festival. An unparalleled journey through wine artistry and innovation, honoring both tradition and the cutting edge. Seize the opportunity to savor and explore the pinnacle of wine in a sophisticated and elegant ambiance. Secure your ticket today!

Base Ticket – includes event catalog – glass on deposit €10,00
1 day €130,00 + €6,00 presale fee
2 day pass €190,00 + €6,00 presale fee
3 day pass €290,00 + €6,00 presale fee
First Class Ticket

Elevate your festival journey with the First Class ticket. Offering an exclusive, swift entry, this ticket ensures a wait-free experience. Revel in a special service featuring a detailed catalog and premium wine glasses. Choose the premium experience and immerse in the festival at its finest.

Exclusive access to premium glass service, private VIP entrance, priority experience without waiting at the cloakroom, and the event catalog.
1 day €160,00 + €6,00 presale fee
2 days €220,00 + €6,00 presale fee
Toast to grandeur at the Catwalk Champagne. A sparkling experience celebrating the world's finest bubbles. Savor the magic of champagne set against a backdrop of elegance and sophistication. Purchase your ticket here and be swept away by the prestige and allure of this exclusive event.

Base Ticket – includes event catalog – glass on deposit €10,00
1 day €65,00 + 2,00 presale fee
Possible subscriptions for 2 or 3 days (155/190€ & 230/290€) are available on the ticket shop site.
Prices will vary as the event date approaches.
Expert visitors can request a discount directly on our website in the accreditation section.