CULINARIA excellence doesn’t stop with wine!

Prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable culinary experience at the GourmetArena.

A paradise for food lovers, where renowned chefs, talented artisans and exceptional culinary creations take centre stage.

This event brings together a vibrant array of gastronomic delights that perfectly complement the world-class wines being tasted.


The Merano WineFestival is not just wine: it is a celebration of gastronomy in all its forms.

Enter a world of culinary wonders, where star chefs and talented artisans showcase their skills and creativity.

Condiments, coffee and infusions, meat and charcuterie, sweets and chocolate, flours, seeds and semi-finished products, mushrooms and truffles, jams and preserves, honey, olive oil, artisanal pasta and rice, bakery and fish products, fruit and vegetable products, spices, sauces, mustards and much more...

All this in the GourmetArena, where you can not only taste and discover traditional Italian culinary products, but also buy your favorite and enjoy them at home.

120 producers

4 days

1.500 ㎡

CONSORTIA excellence is all around us

Enter a world of tradition, expertise and collective excellence at the Merano WineFestival Consortia Showcase.

Consortia play a fundamental role in the world of wine and gastronomy, acting as guardians of tradition, authenticity and distinctiveness.

They bring together winegrowers, producers and experts who share a common vision and commitment to the standards and values of their respective regions. At the Consortia Showcase, you will have the opportunity to explore the wide range of wines and experiences that these consortia offer.

TERRITORIES: the gathering in Merano

At the Merano WineFestival we celebrate the essence of the territory.

We bring together different territories, offering a unique opportunity to explore the flavours, traditions and cultural heritage of each region.

Strolling through the Territories Area, you will be transported on a sensory journey that includes renowned wine regions from various corners of Italy.