Merano WineFestival: Back to the Roots

6-10 November

The WineHunter Award: the selection of MWF

It is the exclusivity that distinguishes the Merano WineFestival from any other event, only selected products,
which were rewarded with The WineHunter Award, are presented for tasting at the Festival.


This year, for the first time in the history of the Merano WineFestival, the guide book “The WineHunter Award 2020” will be published
in print version. It includes all the products awarded The WH Award, the official Award of the Merano WineFestival.

Merano WineFestival 2020 program

Naturae et Purae – bio&dynamica 6-7-8-9 Nov Hotel Therme
Wine – The Official Selection 6-7-8-9 Nov Kurhaus
Giorgia – The Origin of Wine 6-7-8-9 Nov Kurhaus
Food Spirits Beer – The Official Selection6-7-8-9 Nov GourmetArena
Wine Masterclasses 6-7-8-9 Nov digital platform
Showcooking 8-9 Nov digital platform
Catwalk Champagne 10 Nov Kurhaus

Concept MWF 2020 Covid-19 2020

Kurhaus 2700m² max 500 people
GourmetArena 1400m² 366 people
Hotel Therme 289 m² 72 people
Teatro Puccini 350m² 87 people

4 m² for each person (producer, visitor, service staff)
max 500 people per session
Table length: at least 2m
Space between two tables: at least 1m
Only 1 person managing the table
2 visitors each table with minimum 1 m distance between them

Safety standards

All safety standards will be met in accordance with the law
  • Measurement of the body temperatureat the entrance
  • Registration of the people due to health safety
  • Access to the festival and to the rooms is only allowed according to the authorized capacity
  • Ventilation within the rooms
  • The person managing the table has to wear a mask and gloves; they must have completed a Covid-19
    within 4 days before the beginning of the event.
  • TRhe visitor has to wear a mask with exception when doing a tasting
  • The service personal at the event must have done a Covid- 19 test in the previous 4 days before
    the beginning of the event and they have to wear masks and gloves
  • There will be hand sanitizers provided in every room
  • Every exhibition table will be provided a bottle of ethyl alcohol to sanitize the area
  • Eventually Sanitary Gate at the entrance

norme di sicurezza


The entrance will be managed in two time slots, which will differ among the different locations.

E.g. The visitor can enter the Kurhaus during the first timeslot (9:00 – 13:30) and the GourmetArena and Hotel Therme
during the second timeslot (14:30-19:00)

2 timeslots:

9:00-13:30 / 14:30-19:00

2 entrance bracelets:

1 bracelet is valid in the morning to enter the Kurhaus and in the afternoon to enter
the GourmetArena + Hotel Therme and viceversa


the prices do not change for both the visitors and the business operators
There will not be a ticket office in place, tickets have to be bought online. Online ticketing will start on August 1st.

SPACES visitors and winemakers


spazi espositori vino

Naturae et Purae bio&dynamica

Location: Hotel Therme Meran
Days: 4 sessions
Friday, 6th – Saturday, 7th – Sunday, 8th – Monday, 9th Nov
Timetable: 9:00-13:30 / 14:30-19:00

Naturae et Purae – bio&dynamica is dedicated to topics like sustainable production,
natural-, organic-, biodynamic-, orange- and PIWI-wines.

Wine – The Official Selection

Giorgia – The Origin of Wine

Location: Kurhaus
Kursaal, Pavillon des Fleurs, Rotonda, Sala Lentner
Sala Ohman, Sala Siss
Producers: national and internationa
Days: 2 days for each selected producer
1st session:
Friday, 6th – Saturday, 7th Nov 2020 max 122 winemakers
2nd session::
Sunday, 8th – Monday 9th Nov 2020 max 122 winemakers
Timetable: 9:00-13:30 / 14:30-19:00

WINE The Official Selection is the heart of the event where you can taste all the best
labels rewarded with The WineHunter Award ROSSO, GOLD
or PLATINUM, which you can consult in the official online guide The WineHunter Award.

planimetria kurhaus mwf 2020

The WineHunter Area
Collective area

Location: Kursaal exhibition and tasting of the selected wines
on the Kursaal podium
Hotels in Meran tasting of the wines in selected hotels
of the city centre of Meran
Days: 6-9 Nov 2020
Timetable: 9:00-13:30 / 14:30-19:00

Digital chat room with the participating winemakers.
The visitors can interact with the winemakers in a digital lounge. The WineHunter
Area is a collective area managed by sommelier, and it’s limited at the
presentation of the wines awarded The WineHunter Award.

planimetria culinaria spirits beer

Food Spirits Beer
The Official Selection

Campania Felix

Location: GourmetArena Tensostruttura Promenade
Days: 2 days for each selected producer
1st session:
Friday, 6th – Saturday, 7th Nov 2020 max 122 winemakers
2nd session::
Sunday, 8th – Monday 9th Nov 2020 max 122 winemakers
Timetable: 9:00-13:30 / 14:30-19:00

The GourmetArena is the area right next to the Kurhaus, which houses the Food, Spirits,
Beer selection and the Territorium&Consortium.

SPACE Visitors and Producers


spazi espositori food spirits beer

Catwalk Champagne

Location: Kurhaus
Produttori: Champagne & Food Beer and Spirits
Days: Tuesday, 10th
Timetable: 9:00-13:30 / 14:30-19:00

The Merano WineFestival closes with a unique kind of Catwalk:
Don’t miss the opportunity to taste exclusive Champagne accompanied with special
Experience a unique and entertaining showcooking with renowned chefs right
on the stage of the Kurhaus.

News: The WineHunter E-Commerce

The products awarded The WineHunter Award (Wine, Food-Spirits-Beer) can be bought
through the official E-Commerce of
The WineHunter in partnership with Gruppo Volta
The purchase can be simply made with your own smartphone.

Wine Masterclasses

digital platform

Merano WineFestival is the finest expression of national and international
wines and together with Wine Masterclasses it offers guided tastings
of the top wines, this year for the first time on the digital platform designed
in partnership with Milano Wine Week.

Gala Event

Teatro Puccini

Days: Thursday, 5th November 2020

The premiere of the movie project Wine Odyssey – the history of the wine from the beginnings to the future – will be
displayed at the official opening of Merano WineFestival.
The premiere of the movie will take place at Teatro Puccini and it is open to a restricted audience.
In the meantime a toast with the producers together with the projection of the movie will also be arranged
in the Kursaal.

Digital Festival

The Merano WineFestival 2020 will be incorporated with a digital platform to guarantee an increased
visibility and a digital meeting room for producers and visitors.
In case of lockdown the festival will be displayed 100% in a digital form.
It will be a meeting point among producers, business operators, press e wine lovers in a virtual space which
offers numerous ways to communicate.


Book your own sommelier

Visitors who will not be present at the festival can book a sommelier which will be connected
to them via live stream (video&audio), so that the virtual visitor con taste the wines together
with the producers and the sommelier.

Digital showcooking

Projection of the showcooking with prestigious chefs will be displayed at the event
and also through our communication channels.

Side Events

Catwalk Bollicine with Milano Wine Week in the shops of Meran
Gourmet Tour Merano and surroundings in selected restaurants and locals
that will have at least a wine awarded The WineHunter Award
The WineHunter Award
Symposium la politica agricola comune (PAC)
The WineHunter Hotel Safari
WineHunter Merano & Innovation