sede gourmets international

The Organiser

Gourmet’s International plans, organizes, and stages exclusive events in the fields of food & wine. The company boasts great experience and knowledge in the areas of international wines and the careful selection of food & wine producers, accrued over the past 26 years of its existence.

Its largest and most well known event is the Merano WineFestival – the brainchild of Helmuth Koecher – which debuted in 1992 and was the first event of its kind to offer an opportunity to producers and consumers to exchange opinions about the wines being tasted. Its success comes from the ambitious objective of Gourmet’s International, which is to be ambassadors of quality, selecting only the finest foods and wines for the public.

Thanks to this great ambition, Gourmet’s International consistently brings excellence to its exclusive events around the world, which take place in such great cities as London, Prague, Budapest, Munich, Vienna, Bratislava, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, Zurich, Kiev, Hamburg, Cologne, San Francisco, New York, and Rome, to name a few.

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