Health rules and organization to comply with the social distancing and hygiene regulations

norme sanitarie

Opening hours and time slot

Friday – Monday: from 10 am to 6 pm (monitoring of entrances starting from 8 am)
Tuesday: from 10 pm to 4 pm


The section Wine – The WineHunter Selection and Food Spirits Beer – The WineHunter Selection are divided into two sessions of producers. On Friday 6th and Saturday 7th the visitors can taste the products of the producers of session 1. On Sunday 8th and Monday 9th November visitors meet the producers of session 2. Click here to purchase tickets.

Session 1: November 6th to 7th
Session 2: November 8th to 9th

The section Naturae et Purae bio&dynamica is divided into 5 different sessions of producers. From Friday to Monday the event takes place in Hotel Terme Merano. On Tuesday Naturae et Purae bio&dynamica is situated in the Kurhaus.

Session 1: November 6th, Hotel Terme Merano
Session 2: November 7th, Hotel Terme Merano
Session 3: November 8th Hotel Terme Merano
Session 4: November 9th, Hotel Terme Merano
Session 5: November 10th, Kurhaus

Space organization and visitors‘ flow

A minimum distance of 1 meter between the exhibition tables and between producers and visitors are provided during the event. A precise distribution of the available spaces is organized and the visitors’ flow is carefully managed.

Wear mask
All persons must wear a mask during the event. The mask can only be removed during the tasting at the exhibitor’s table.

Within the event, there will be situated dispensers for hand disinfection. After the time slots in the morning and at the end of the day, all rooms are disinfected.

Each person that wishes to gain access to the event, including staff and management has to be in the possession of the EuropeanGreenPass

Maintain the distances
Within the event, it is mandatory to maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter.

Measurement of the temperature and Sanitary Gate
Each person’s body temperature will be measured at the entrance of the event. There will also be situated a sanitary gate for disinfection.