One of the historical most important squares of Merano is the Piazza della Rena, which roughly translates to sand square. It received its name from the alluvial sand brought there by the sloshing river. Next to one of the medieval city gates it is cornered by one of the city’s oldest hotels. While closed now it was once widely known as “Archduke Johann” and later renamed to “Esplanade”.
Also this year the Piazza della Rena will be part of the Merano WineFestival hosting, for the first time, The Circle. The Circle will be the focus point for food and delicacies. With hourly show cookings and guided food tastings, it is the place to be for every foodies. This year for the first time, you can be curious about the presentation of stories of wine, people, lands and experiences.

Piazza della Rena / Sandplatz

39012 Merano BZ