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The Circle is an external multipurpose area in the close proximity of the Kurhaus. In the area you can deepen and explore the different Italian territories: the gastronomic excellences, the competences, the abilities, the pluses of the different destinations that are enhanced in different meetings.

A stage that puts the story of men, their lives and experiences in the middle and shares successful stories and exemplary case histories.

A place to meet experts (journalists, critics, sommeliers, producers, restaurateurs), where you can get a real-time feedback on the difference between expectation and perceived.

The circle is divided into three areas:

STAGE TALK – space reserved to interviews and stories by journalists; moments where wine and food will be served in tastings;

VIP/PRESS LOUNGE – Lounge reserved to journalists and FIRST CLASS customers of the Merano WineFestival

STAGE food C/Kitchen – space aimed to the narratives of territories, companies, products through the testimony of chefs, producers and the realization of special tastings;

From 9 am (Breakfast) to 12 am (AfterFestival), THE CIRCLE is offering a rich program designed for everyone who flocks to Merano every year looking for the best of our production.

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  • Piazza della Rena

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