Wine – The WineHunter Selection

The official selection of the wines at the Merano WineFestival is called Wine – The WineHunter Selection


Wine – The WineHunter Selection is the heart of Merano Wine Festival and you can learn about the stories of excellence that have received The WineHunter Award. So come and visit the Kurhaus from 6th to 9th November from 9 am to 1:30 pm or 2:30 pm to 7 pm and taste wines selected by The WineHunter Helmuth Köcher based on a year-long search.

Novelty at Wine The WineHunter Selection

This year there will be something new at the heart of the event: Wine – The WineHunter Selection will take place in the Kurhaus and will feature 122 Italian and international producers on 6th and 7th of November (session 1) and as many again on the 8th and 9th (session 2). There will not be a link between the exhibition spaces in the Kurhaus and those in the GourmetArena. In the GourmetArena Foods Spirits Beer – The Official Selection will involve the same system of dividing producers between the different days.

The WineHunter Area

The WineHunter Area is a vitrine of The WineHunter awarded wines presented by our professional sommeliers. This year, other than the presence of the Kursaal on the podium, The WineHunter Area will relinquish its usual display spaces and transfer as well to the lounges of Merano hotels. A digital lounge will also be created in this area, which will allow visitors to interact with the producers in real-time.

Excellence is an attitude, the motto of The WineHunter and the wine selection

Excellence is an attitude”. The motto of The WineHunter and patron of the event Helmuth Köcher perfectly interprets the constant search for excellence. This researcht has made the Merano WineFestival a highly prestigious event in the world of wine. Wine – The WineHunter Selection, based on a voyage at the discovery of fine wine, is central to the event in Merano where the selection of best products given The Rosso, Gold and Platinum WineHunter Award is presented. These stories of excellence sought, discovered and selected by Helmuth Köcher, the famous patron of the Merano WineFestival, in collaboration with selected tasting committees from around Italy, will star at the Kurhaus from 6 to 9 November. The grand Liberty-style building will therefore be turned into a place where you can meet quality producers and taste the best wines of Italy and other countries.

Ein neues Gesicht erhält auch die The WineHunter Area, die Önothek aus The WineHunter Award prämierten Weinen präsentiert von unseren Sommeliers. The WineHunter Area is a vitrine of The WineHunter awarded wines presented by our professional sommeliers.


SESSION 1: 6th-7th Nov 2020

9:00am-1:30pm / 2:30pm-7pm

SESSION 2: 8th-9th Nov 2020

9:00am-1:30pm / 2:30pm-7pm