Vitigni resistenti, due scuole a confronto: Friburgo e Udine

Azienda: PIWI
Moderatori: Nicola Biasi – Gabriele Gorelli
Lingua: Italiano



  • Terre di Cerealto – Perge Metodo Classico
  • Ca’Apollonio – Sounvignier Gris 2019
  • Lieselhof – Vino Del Passo Solaris 2018
  • Nicola Biasi – Vin de la Neu Johanniter 2017
  • Terre di Ger – Limine 2018
  • Isle Saint Pierre – Soreli 2018
  • VCR – 156.312 (99-1-48 x P.N.)
  • Terre di Ger – El masut 2017


What are the Charity Wine Masterclasses?You will be welcomed by professional wine lovers, which have a profound knowledge about wines, regions, history and tradition, insiders tips and the big classics in the wine world. The classes are open to everyone, doesn’t matter if you taste wine for the first time or if you like to deepen your knowledge. All you need to do, is to buy an entrance ticket.The proceeds will be given to the Missionary group Merano, which will realize a project in Africa.


  • Hotel Terme Merano

  • 08/11/2019
  • 11:30 12:30

  • 20

Language: ITA