Catwalk Champagne

During the final day of the Merano WineFestival, the best names in French Champagne will parade side by side with prestigious culinary excellences. This is Catwalk Champagne, an outstanding event, part of the celebrations that will make the city of Merano an international point of reference for all those who love wine and culinary specialities of extremely high quality. To mark this occasion, The WineHunter and host of the festival Helmuth Köcher has gathered together the best Champagne producers, in a celebration that during the whole day (9.30 to 16.30) will bring the Kursaal hall of Kurhaus to life. Champagne from 34 among the most famous French Houses, combined with the specialities of 10 culinary companies that will be at the Kursaal hall during the whole festival. The day will start at 9.30 am and goes on with tasting sessions during which champagne will be matched with the best culinary delicacies.

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Highlight under water Champagne

12:30 Showcooking
chef: Elio Sironi (Ceresio 7)
champagne by: Margerite Guyot

‘Wunderbar’ Merano
16:30 Showcooking
chef: Matteo Felter (Grand Hotel Fasano)

  • Kurhaus

  • 12/11/2019
  • 09:30 16:30