Catwalk Champagne & more

Champagne and bubble tasting combined with culinary delights, a glamorous Catwalk


It is tradition for the Merano WineFestival to conclude with the Catwalk Champagne. A grand finale, in a very exclusive manner, true to the motto excellence is an attitude. Next to Champagne, this year the closure day will also host sparkling wines that were produced with the the method Metodo Classico. A selection of the best champagnes in the world are served for tasting together with Metodo Classico sparkling wines and gastronomic specialties and culinary delights. All products are recognized with The WineHunter Award>, a real catwalk.

Elegance and refinement are the stars of this final day in the Kursaal on Tuesday 8th of November from 10 am to 4 pm. The best bubbles, selected by The WineHunter Helmuth Köcher, will be protagonists of this special Catwalk.

Catwalk Champagne & more, an oenogastronomic journey with tasting of sparkling wine and culinary specialties

Visitors will be involved in a unique journey through wine and food. An emotional and sensoric experience that unveils the existing combinations between champagne, sparkling wine and culinary excellences.

Our Catwalk Champagne is an event that combines culture, entertainment and discovery. Everything in the universally appreciated atmosphere of the Merano WineFestival.

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Since ever the Merano WineFestival closes with the Catwalk Champagne, the grand finale in a very exclusive manner true to the motto excellence is an attitude. Catwalk Champagne, an oenogastrnomical journey with tasting of French sparkling wine and culinary specialties