“Concorso Emergente Sala”

The “Emergente Sala” contest is the key event that sums up the values in service and aims to find the best service specialists of Italy.

Thursday 7th of November
qualification round

Friday 8th of November
final tests with the jury’s questions

Friday 8th of November
practical tests at the Gala Dinner where the winners will be rewarded on the stage of the Kurhaus

Sabrage Vin Mousseux

A Sabrage in perfect style inaugurates the 28th edition of the Merano WineFestival!

Do not miss this unique show where VIPs from all over the world slash 28 bottles of sparkling wine with a sabre!



Tannico and its Double Decker – the iconic 1960s two-story English bus turned into a wine&cocktail bar – comes back also for this years’ edition of the MWF. The Double Decker hosts several Master Experiences during which exceptional vintages and rare pearls of Italian and French wines will be opened and tasted.

During the rest of the day special events, amazing breakfast, tasty lunch and night party will run.

Master Experience 2019 with Ferrari, Krug, Biondi Santi, Louis Roederer, Gaja and Sassicaia.

Here you find the PROGRAM of the MASTER EXPERIENCES!


Naturae et Purae bio&dynamica

Merano WineFestival for philosophers


Naturae et Purae is the part of the Merano WineFestival dedicated to enthusiasts of knowledge and researchers of life. Over the course of several days you have the opportunity to discover the topic of sustainability through discussions, talks and tastings. This year the focus lies mainly on water, but also on energy and future perspectives. The event is split into three sections, each with a different approach to the topic:

On November 4th and 5th, the summit Breath and Cry Of The Earth” will inaugurate Naturae et Purae. Six analysis meetings and discussion groups addressing water as a primary and vital resource, innovation, usefulness of certifications and some case studies such as the “Abruzzo Sostenibile” model. The higher goal of the summit is the drafting of a manifesto. Which is ultimatley to be delivered, signed by all opinion leaders and stakeholders, to the Minister of Food and Forestry Policy. Other case studies with a special focus are the models of Campania and Georgia. Lectures, tastings and show cookings, offer a glimpse into the personal experiences of the people who live their respective models. Successes and difficulties

The Naturae et Purae Talks of this year’s event are designated Wine Resistance – Extreme Spirits, from Mediterranean Islands to Islands of the Spirit. The program, conceived by Helmuth Köcher and journalist Angelo Carrillo, runs from November 4-6, 2022, with 2 lectures per day at the Merano Academy. (Malvasia Tasting Booth, 4th of November).

The bio&dynamica is the grand finale of Naturae et Purae, on the 8th of November. While the parallel running Catwalk Champagne celebrates the world of champagne, with all its excellence and galmour, so too bio&dynamica celebrates the the spirit of Naturae et Purae with products from sustainable agriculture. bio&dynamica, as conclusion of Naturae et Purae Talk and “Breath and Cry Of The Earth”, is devoted exclusively to the tasting of organic, biodynamic, natural, Orange and PIWI wines. All recognized with the The WineHunter Award. Learn about sustainable production, naturalness and purity in food and wine directly from their producers. A worthy conclusion event for all who are interested in the future of grape growing. The Pavillon des Fleurs of the Kurhaus and it’s adjacent room will open their doors to 51 producer and their sustainable products. All the products have been selected through The WineHunter Award. Opening hours from 10. am to 4. pm, tuesday November 8th.

Location and Schedule of Naturae et Purae 2022

This years Naturae et Purae will be held from November 4th to 6th in the Acadeny Merano, in form of 6 talks sometimes with complementary tastings. At the same time, on friday 4th and saturday 5th, at the Puccini Theater you can listen into the summit “Breath and Cry Of The Earth”. On tuesday November 8th, bio&dynamica will be hosted inside the Kurhaus of Merano. The event is open from 10. am to 4. pm.

Registration Necessary

The Naturae et Purae Talk and the summit “Breath and Cry Of The Earth” are being held in historical building. Thus the number of total visitors to each event is limited. Following these links you will arrive at the free registration form:

The WineHunter Award at bio&dynamica and Naturae et Purae

The wines presented at Naturae et Purae bio&dynamica were part of a meticulous selection process that continues over the span of an entire year. The WineHunter Helmuth Köcher and his tastings commissions taste and select the wines, which are then rewarded with The WineHunter Award Rosso, Gold or Platinum. By clicking here you can find more information on The WineHunter Award.

All producers of bio&dynamica 2022 listed. (.pdf)

The WineHunter Helmuth Köcher and his tastings commissions taste and select the wines, which are then rewarded with The WineHunter Award Rosso, Gold or Platinum Naturae et Purae - bio&dynamica is the event of the Merano WineFestival dedicated to the tasting of organic, biodynamic, natural, orange, PIWI and integrated farming wines.

Food Spirits Beer – The WineHunter Selection


Food Spirits Beer – The WineHunter Selection is the result of a year round research, selection and tasting work for all the food products that can be found in the GourmetArena of the Merano WineFestival.

The producers of the selection Food Spirits Beer

This year the producers of the section Food Spirits Beer are divided into two sessions. Friday 4th and Saturday 5th you can taste the products of the producers of session 1, on Sunday 6th and Monday 7th you can meet the producers of session 2.

The location GourmetArena

Entering the area right next to the Kurhaus, you can smell the scents of all Italian regions and taste exceptional delicacies. An elegant tensile structure at the Merano WineFestival that hosts culinary excellence, spirits, liqueurs, craft beer, consortia and associations. This year there yet again a connection between the Kurhaus and the GourmetArena. There will be separate entrances, to enable entering and exiting through the promenade, otherwise GourmetArena is again seamlessly connected to Wine – The WH Selection.

The GourmetArena is the location for tasting of food, spirits and beer situated on the Passeggiata Lungo PassirioThe section dedicated to food, spirits and beer